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IMPORTANT--Return to School Information

We are really looking forward to seeing our students after Fall Intercession.  You will be informed by your teacher whether your student is in group A or group B.  Please know that we are committed to your student's safety and focus on learning.  As a result, the following expectations have been developed to ensure all students are safe and focused upon their return to school:

  • Car riders will be screened (temperature and screening questions) before they get out of their cars every morning.  Do not drop off students.  They must remain in their cars until they are screened.  We will begin this process at 7:30 each morning.
  • Bus riders -
  • Bus riders will be lined up outside (or in the cafeteria in the case of inclement weather) and screened each morning after they arrive at school
  • Once a student has been screened they will be given a purple wristband to wear to class.  The band will indicate to the teacher that the student has been screened and is well enough to participate in classroom learning. 
  • All bus riders must have a bus attestation form in place to ride the bus
  • Group A returns on October 12th
  • Group B returns on October 15th
  • Every Wednesday is a remote learning day (no students come to school)
  • Students are required to wear masks.  If they don't have a mask, one will be provided.  Masks need to be free from slogans/writing and anything that would be in violation of the NHCS Dress Code Policy
  • Uniforms are required every day (plain collared shirts of any color, pants, jeans, shorts, skirts, skorts that are free of any rips and either brown, black, tan, or blue).
  • Dismissal will be at 2:30

Should you have any questions regarding this information, please contact the school office or your student's teacher.  Thank you for assisting us in creating an amazing learning environment for all of our students.